First Attempt

My New Years resolution is to say less and write more. A few years ago I started to write a blog, I couldn’t really tell you whether it was good or bad – the fact I didn’t write more than a few posts says it all I suppose.

So here I go again, fighting against the tyranny of the blank page. The problem is there are literally millions of blogs out there. Which makes the prospect of starting one all the more daunting. Clearly people have things to talk about. A whole plethora of subjects and topics available to write about and the second I open my laptop it is all I can do to not write something nonsensical.

‘Play to your strengths’ ‘Write about what you know’. This is the advice you will receive should you decide to google ‘how to write a blog’. The problem with this advice is, unless you have a really unusual life, accompanied by pictures of you frequenting all the wonderful places in the world, ‘what you know’ could be completely boring, thus rendering your blog unsuccessful from the get go. I personally have never seen the appeal of taking pictures of ones dinner, listing the ingredients and subsequently congratulating oneself on said dinner being meat-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, taste-free, colour-free, basically, just a plate.

Last time, I wrote about the seemingly unusual situation I lived in. A single father, in the Army attempting to raise a daughter. This was three years ago, and I have now left the Army, started my own business and am of course, still attempting to raise my daughter. As it turns out, not a huge amount of dads are blogging their experiences. I don’t blame them. Between school runs, feeding, washing, cleaning, wading through piles and piles of pink plastic crap and trying to remember the names of all the LOL dolls, who has time to write their torment down?!

I will give it a go.

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